Experience the beauty of the ocean with a living piece of art. Our premium corals are sure to elevate your aquarium.

Multimedia collage


Small Polyp Stony 

Reef Casts

Castings that allow you to bring some personal interest into your home... 

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    Amazing selection. Great service, definitely my to go store for corals.

    - Sylvia D.

  • Great place! Fantastic inventory and the owner is very knowledgeable. I'll be back again and again. There's 100 things I'd like to buy for my tank there.

    - Jenna B.

  • Nicest, most interesting, and beautiful looking aquariums I've ever laid my eyes on. The staff was so accommodating and patient with all of my questions. I was in a tough spot because I had identified one of my community members was being overly aggressive, and I needed to find him a new home. I called around to many shops, and this was the first to say, "we can take em." I was so grateful to find this shop. While it's not the closest, they have my business, and you should trust them with yours!

    - Michael W.