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The Bumble Bee Shrimp is a small species of saltwater shrimp that is commonly found in tropical lagoons and bays1. They have a yellow and black or brown striped body, giving them a similar coloration to a bumblebee2. Here’s a comprehensive guide to caring for Bumble Bee Shrimp:


Tank Size

Water Parameters

What To Put In Their Tank

Common Possible Diseases

Food & Diet

  • Bumble Bee Shrimp are carnivorous and will feed upon the tube feet of echinoderms. They should be offered pieces of frozen meaty foods such as brine or mysis shrimp, cockle, or small pieces of fish. They should be offered these foods daily2.

Behavior & Temperament

Tank Mates


Shipping & Returns

Livestock Guarantee

At Nocturnal Reef, we understand the importance of receiving healthy and vibrant livestock for your saltwater reef aquarium. That's why we offer a live arrival guarantee on all of our saltwater livestock.
We take great care in selecting and packaging our items to ensure they arrive to you in the best possible condition. However, in the rare event that an item does not survive the shipping process, we will do everything in our power to make it right.
If an item arrives dead on arrival, please take a clear photo of the deceased item in the unopened bag or shipping container and contact us within 2 hours of receiving the package, we'll either credit or replace the item for you.
Please note that in order for the guarantee to be valid, the package must be opened immediately upon receipt and the livestock must be acclimated properly according to industry standards. This guarantee does not cover items that die or become ill due to improper acclimation or care after arrival.
We are confident in the quality of our livestock and are committed to providing you with the best customer service. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.
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